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Is A Fully Online CPO Course Good Or Bad?

August 30, 2020

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Let's face it, everything is going online. From shopping for groceries to attending the local university, COVID-19 has forced the world to pivot to adapt to the social changes that the virus has forced upon us. And Certified Pool Operator Courses are no different. Here at Pool Training Academy we have adapted as well and now provide a fully verified and approved fully online CPO® Course. But there is understandably some hesitancy for some to take a course that is traditionally classroom based. In this article, we want to share the benefits of choosing to take a CPO® Course online with Pool Training Academy. In this article, we'll discuss the following points: 
  • Advantages To A Fully Online CPO® Course
  • Fully Verified by The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)
  • Taught By The Most Highly-Awarded CPO® Instructors In The Country
  • Professionally Produced Video Content
  • User Friendly Platform (Even For Beginners)
  • Highly Engaging
  • Convenient - Take The Class From Your Home Or Office
  • Extremely Affordable - $275 Per Student


Get Certified Today With The Best 100% Online Certified Pool Operator (CPO®) Course

Getting CPO® Certified has never been easier with Pool Training Academy’s fully online Certified Pool Operator Course. This engaging online course is the fully verified and endorsed by the most trusted organization in pool education and advocacy, the NSPF (The National Swimming Pool Foundation - now known as The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance) and is recognized in all 50 states. The content in this fully online CPO® class is delivered by the most highly awarded CPO® Instructor team in the country and comes wrapped in a professionally produced, user- friendly, and highly engaging program package. The video series can be watched from your office, the comfort of your home, and on any device that can access the internet. Best of all, Pool Training Academy’s Online CPO® Course is the most affordable online class at $275 per student. 


Why Choose A Fully Online CPO® Course From Pool Training Academy?

Pool Training Academy’s fully online Certified Pool Operator class makes getting your CPO® Certification a breeze. We provide you with everything you need to make the CPO exam easy. Once you sign up and choose your exam date, you’ll receive both a digital and physical copy of the Pool Operator’s Handbook, a copy of Pool Training Academy’s very own Pool Math Workbook, and exclusive access to Pool Training Academy’s CPO® video education series. Once you have completed the educational video series, you’ll meet with one of our award-winning instructors for a Zoom meeting to take your exam. This exam is 100% online, open book and open note. You can also ask your instructor for guidance as well. Upon successfully completing the exam, you’ll be sent your CPO® Certification via email. Now that’s truly 100% online. 


Fully Verified By The National Swimming Pool Foundation (Now The PHTA®)

The National Swimming Pool Foundation (Now The Pool And Hot Tub Alliance) has been providing CPO® Certification programs for over four decades, and all of Pool Training Academy’s instructors are Certified Pool Instructors® through the PHTA. This PHTA certification means that Pool Training Academy’s Fully online CPO® Certification class is fully recognized by state governments and healthy agencies in all 50 states, as well as over 100 countries. 


Get Your CPO® Certification From The Most Highly Awarded Instructors in the US. 

Our NSPF® (Now PHTA®) Certified Pool Instructors® are the best of the best. In fact, Pool Training Academy’s instructor team has been recognized for the past 6 years in a row as the top instructors in the United States by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (Now the PHTA), and proudly certifies more operators than any other pool education company in the world. 


What Our Former Students Are Saying About Pool Training Academy’s Fully Online CPO® Course


"Alex and his teachings are exceptional. He is really an excellent instructor. Everything he put out there is very clear and understandable. Learned a lot. HIGHLY recommend!! Thank you so much Alex!"



 Your program is flawless!"



"Thank you. I enjoyed the class thoroughly. It was very informative and well presented. I especially liked the online portion of the class. It was much improved compared to the first time I took the online portion of the certification training. I can really tell that your efforts to refine how the course is being presented are paying off."



A Professionally Produced, Easy To Use, and Highly Engaging Online CPO® Course

Our signature CPO® Course is the most professional online course available. The educational materials are designed to be easy, clear, and most importantly, engaging. The content in the video series has been developed by a state-licensed, award-winning professional educator with a degree in education who has your educational best interests in mind. 

Pool Training Academy’s fully online CPO® Course is also extremely easy to access and use, even for those who may traditionally struggle with technology. You will also have access to technical support if you ever have questions along the way. 


Get CPO® Certified At Your Pace, Wherever You’re Comfortable

Pool Training Academy’s online Certified Pool Operator® (CPO®) Course is unique from all other online CPO® courses in that you can watch the video series at your own pace, in your own time. This flexible, self-paced approach respects your schedule and allows you to take control of your CPO® education. 


The Most Affordable Fully Online CPO® Class Available

Here at Pool Training Academy, we understand times have changed in light of the current situations, so we are proud to offer this premier fully online CPO® class experience for the affordable price of $275 per student. This price includes exclusive access to Pool Training Academy’s fully online education series, a physical and digital copy of the Pool Operator’s handbook, a copy of the Pool Math Workbook, access to the fully online CPO® Exam, and all fees associated with processing your certification. 


Trust Pool Training Academy With Your Online CPO® Education. 

In the end, Pool Training Academy makes it extremely easy for you to get your CPO® certification with the 100% online CPO® Class. Our fully verified, professionally produced, and engaging online course is the most user-friendly program available and is available at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether you're based in Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah or anywhere else in the United States, an online CPO® course is a great choice for you. Click here to sign up and get started today!

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