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CPO Course Outline

Course Outline

Day 1 AM
Pool and Spa Management

Health Agencies

Risk Management

Who Should Be A C.P.O?

Regulations and Guidelines

State Codes

Regulatory Agencies

Pool and Spa Measurements

Water Contaminates

Disinfection Types and Methods

Water Balance and Saturation Indexing

Pool and Spa Water Problems

Stain Control

Water Clarity

Day 1 PM
Chemical Testing
 Methods and Equipment

Chemical Feed and Control Systems
Water Circulation

Pump Sizing

Line Sizing


Day 2 AM
Filtration Systems
  - Sand
  - Cartridge
  - Diatomaceous Earth

  - Backwash and Cleaning
Heating and Air Controls
Spas and Whirlpools

Day 2 PM
Record Keeping