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Pool Training Academy's Hybrid CPO Course with Rick Stewart

PTA Online Hybrid with Rick Stewart

Thank you for choosing Pool Training Academy for your online CPO course.
A Few Things To Remember:

Classroom Materials 

Pool Math Workbook

Before continuing, please download and print a copy of the Pool Training Academy Math Workbook. You can download the Math Workbook by clicking here. 


E-Version of the Pool Operator Handbook

Also be sure to access the electronic copy of the CPO® Pool Operator Handbook. We recommend you open it in its own window, so you can access it while you watch the video series. 

Click here to access the English version of CPO® Pool Operator Handbook 

Click here to access the Spanish version of the CPO® Pool Operator Handbook


Session 1

Chapters Covered:


Session 2


Chapters Covered:


Next Steps: Certificate Of Completion

Thank you for participating in Pool Training Academy's Online CPO Course with your instructor, Rick Stewart. Please follow the link below to download and sign the certificate of completion of the Online classroom portion of the Online CPO® Class. Once filled out and signed, please email a copy of the signed document to 

Click Here For The Certificate Of Completion