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PTA Online - A Response To COVID-19 Safety & Protocols

PTA Online - A Flexible CPO® Certification Option In Light of COVID-19 Safety Protocols

In light of current health events, CPO® Certification is more important now than ever. Ensuring that our swimming and bathing facilities are safe and healthy during this time of unrest is of utmost importance. At the same time, keeping yourself safe and protected is just as important. This is why we at Pool Training Academy have decided to allow a new CPO® class option that maximizes the premium educational opportunities that you've come to expect Pool Training Academy but eliminates your interactions with others and helps keep the potential for COVID-19 transmission at bay. With PTA Online you will have the option to get the entirety of your CPO® education online, including testing. 

How Does PTA Online Work?


Step 1: Select A CPO® Class Date Labeled PTA Online
You can find those class dates by clicking here. Note: the date you choose will be the date that you will be taking the CPO® Exam. 


Step 2: Complete the Online Portion (Pool Operator Primer)
Once you sign up for the class, we will send you a unique code and instructions on how to complete The Pool Operator Primer online course. This online course will provide you with the majority of what you will need to know to complete the CPO® Exam successfully. You will receive a digital copy of the Certified Pool Operator Handbook®, but if you'd like we will happily send you a copy of the Certified Pool Operator Handbook® to use during the online portion and during the exam.


Step 3: Watch the Pool Training Academy videos provided through the link we send you.
This series of videos covers all additional information you will need to successfully complete the CPO® Exam. These videos are created by Pool Training Academy Certified Instructors so you can rest assured that you are still receiving the highest quality education available in the swimming pool and hot tub industry. 


Step 4: Test From The Comfort of Your Own Home
Once you have completed the Pool Operator Primer and watched the Pool Training Academy Videos, you will take the CPO® Exam. This test will be mailed to you to complete in the comfort of your home or business. We will proctor the test for you by setting up a Zoom Video chat with you. During this video chat you will open the sealed test envelope, take the test, and be able to ask any questions you may have directly with one of our instructors. Once you have completed the test, you'll drop it in the mail to be graded. 


We excited to offer this program at a price of $295, the same price as the traditional CPO® Pool Operator Primer® alone. As always, we are committed to providing you the best aquatics education possible and are very excited to help you become CPO® Certified! 
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