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How Do I Lower My Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) In My Swimming Pool?


Crystal-clear water is the hallmark of a pristine swimming pool, but maintaining this clarity can be a challenging task. One factor that can murk up your pool water and affect its overall quality is the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS includes various dissolved substances like minerals, salts, and contaminants, and when these levels rise, it can lead to poor water quality and an uncomfortable swimming environment. In this article, we'll explore effective strategies to lower TDS levels in your swimming pool and keep it looking crystal clear all season long.


Understanding Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Total Dissolved Solids refer to the total concentration of inorganic and organic substances dissolved in your pool water. These substances can come from various sources, including:

  1. Pool Chemicals: The continuous use of pool chemicals like chlorine, bromine, and algaecides can contribute to TDS.

  2. Hard Water: Areas with naturally hard water may experience a faster buildup of TDS due to high mineral content in the source water.

  3. Organic Matter: Leaves, debris, and organic contaminants introduced by swimmers contribute to TDS.

  4. Fill Water: The quality of the water you use to fill your pool can influence TDS levels if it has a high mineral content.

  5. Rainwater and Runoff: Rainwater can introduce impurities into your pool water, while runoff from nearby lawns or gardens may contain fertilizers and debris.


What Should My TDS Levels Be In My Pool Or Hot Tub?

Traditionally, it is recommend to keep your TDS levels less than 1,000ppm (parts per million) in your swimming pools and less than 1,500ppm over baseline in your hot tubs. The way you determine your baseline TDS is by testing your tap water with a reliable TDS meter that you can purchase from your local swimming pool supplier. Whatever reading you get from your tap water is your baseline TDS. 


How to Lower TDS Levels in Your Pool

Once your TDS levels get to the the recommended limit, you will need to lower them. There are a few options for lowering and then maintaining these ideal TDS levels. 

  1. Partial Drain and Refill: The most effective way to reduce TDS levels is by partially draining your pool and refilling it with fresh water. Depending on the initial TDS concentration, you may need to replace 20-30% of the pool water. Always follow local regulations for water disposal.

  2. Consider Reverse Osmosis (RO): Some pool service providers offer RO treatments that can significantly reduce TDS levels without draining the pool entirely. It's a more costly option but one worth exploring for particularly high TDS situations. 

  3. Frequent Skimming and Cleaning: Regularly remove debris and organic matter from your pool to prevent it from breaking down and adding to TDS.

  4. Manage Water Sources: If your fill water has high mineral content, consider using a pre-filter or water softener to reduce the introduction of minerals into your pool, thus managing the TDS from the tap.


Becoming A Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Expert

Understanding the role that TDS plays in the overall balance of your pool or hot tub and how to keep it under control is only one small part of becoming a swimming pool expert. It takes a strong knowledge of how over water balance in a swimming pool works together to truly ensure that our pools and spas are properly balanced and looking their best. 

Thankfully you have options to help you become more knowledgeable about how to keep your water clean and your swimmers safe. The best option is taking a Certified Pool Operator® Class with Pool Training Academy. Becoming CPO® Certified is one of the best ways to truly become a pool expert. And in many states this certification is required by law to operate a pool or spa commercially.

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