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My Pool Is Green, What Do I Do?

July 17, 2019

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It's Not Easy Seeing Green

Every pool operator experiences it: You show up to your pool one morning and your pool is 50 shades of green. Green water can be an alarming discovery, especially if you have never dealt with it before. In this week's article, we will discuss the causes of green water, how to treat green water, and finally how to prevent it in the future. 


What Causes Green Water?

First let me say that green water is extremely, EXTREMELY, common. So if you are reading this article fearing that you have really screwed something up, don't worry, you're not alone. There are a couple of very common causes of green water.

  1. Algae presence in the pool
  2. Copper ions free-floating in the water

Let's take a look at what each of these looks like inside the pool. 


Algae In The Pool

Algae can look very alarming as it can infest the entirety of the pool, making look like a cloudy emerald or forest green mess! Algae can also simply plume up and attach itself to the surfaces of the pool itself. When this happens, the algae looks more like green staining on the surfaces itself. 

No matter the kind of algae, it can be very annoying to deal with and not very pleasant at all to look at. Nothing puts a damper on your guest's day like walking in to the pool area and seeing a  green pool. 

 Again, please remember that algae causes cloudy green water. This distinction is crucial when getting rid of the algae from the water. We will discuss this process later in the article. 


Copper Ions In The Pool

Copper ions in the water can come from a few different sources. Primarily it comes from any copper elements in your pool circulation or fill lines that has interacted with corrosive, imbalanced water. This imbalanced water causes the copper to corrode, turn green, and fleck off into  the water. This water then is sent out to the pool and turns the water a strange shade of green. 

Please remember, that copper infused water is clear, not cloudy. This distinction is crucial when getting rid of the copper from the water. 


How Do I Fix Green Pool Water?

There are many, many webpages devoted to how you can fix the issue of green water, but very few resources help you know exactly what to do to solve the issue of algae as well as copper related water coloration. It is also crucial to remember that we treat algae and copper completely differently than one another, so be sure to take note of the nature of your water before attempting to treat green water. Let's first explore how to fix algae in the pool.


How To Fix Algae in the Pool

The key to clearing up algae is simple actually! In fact, clearing up algae is the exact same you clear up cloudy water issues as well. And to be honest it isn't one key, it is three. The 3 keys to easily fixing cloudy water are:

  1. Chlorinate
  2. Backwash
  3. Clean

Chlorine is great at obliterating algae from your pool water! Raising your chlorine level to 3.75ppm to 4ppm will very quickly kill off the algae that is blooming inside your water. Give your filter a good backwash, and be sure to vacuum, brush, and skim the pool. Once you do these things and let the pool circulate for 6-8 hours, the algae should be completely gone!


Should I Use An Algaecide?

Algaecides can be helpful, though in my professional opinion they are only necessary in very dire and rare situations. Using the 3 Keys To Algae Control above will help you control algae much more effectively than an algaecide 99 out of 100 times. 


Preventing Algae Growth Is Key

Preventing Algae growth is a much better practice than trying to treat the algae. There are a few great practices to regularly perform and keep in mind that will help you avoid algae growth inside your pool or spa in the first place. 

  1. Always keep your chlorine levels between 3.75-4.5ppm to prevent algae from growing.
  2. Make sure your return lines are positioned in the most idea pattern for freshly disinfected water to circulate to all areas of the pool. 
  3. Incorporate brushing into your daily routine to prevent algae from adhering to your surfaces in the first place. 

These practices are not difficult at all. In fact, if you have not incorporated these practices into your daily opening and closing routine, now is as good a time as any to include them. You will, without a doubt, find your pool to be cleaner, and easier to deal with if you do. 


How To Fix Copper in the Pool

Fixing copper in the pool is actually quite easy. To remove the copper you will just use a copper removal product like Metal Out to easily remove the mineral content from the water. Be sure to not raise your chlorine levels in your pool to remove the copper. By raising chlorine levels in your copper-infused pool, you risk causing irreparable staining to occur on your pool surfaces that can only be remedied by resurfacing the pool. 


Preventing Copper Is Key

Keeping your pool chemistry properly balanced so it doesn't become corrosive is key in preventing copper breakdown in your circulation system. By keeping this balanced on a daily basis, you will prevent longterm damage from occurring inside your pool circulation system. 


How Do I Learn More About Operating My Commercial or Semi-Commercial Pool and Spa?

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