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Convenience Courses

Relax. Take The C.P.O Course From Your Couch!

We now offer a unique learning experience where you can earn your CPO® Certification by taking an online course called the Pool Operator Primer™. Upon completion of the Primer you'll have 6 months to enroll in our one day Pool Operator Fusion™ course where you can take the final test and become a Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®)!

Pool Operator Primer™ Course
An online class where you will learn the basics of pool operation and management. Upon completion of this course you will receive a Record of Completion. The Pool Operator Primer™ Course can be the first step to earning your CPO® Certification. Click here for more information and to understand the benefits of the Pool Operator Primer™ Course.

Pool Operator Fusion™ Course
This one-day class is an economical and convenient way to achieve the CPO® Certification. This one-day class can either be the second day of any two-day classroom certification course, or it can be a stand-alone one-day Pool Operator Fusion™ class. Click here for more information on how the Pool Operator Fusion™ class works.