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Pool Training Academy's Online CPO® Course Materials & Resources

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Your Free Gift, The Pool Math Workbook

Before starting the video module series, please download and print a copy of our free gift to you, a copy of the Pool Training Academy Math Workbook, a $25 value! This workbook can be used during the video module series as well as on the exam itself. 

Click here to download Pool Training Academy's Math Workbook 


The Digital Handbook

Also be sure to access the electronic copy of the CPO® Pool Operator Handbook. We recommend you open the link in its own window, so you can access it while you watch the video module series. 

Click here to access the English version of CPO® Pool Operator Handbook 

Click here to access the Spanish version of the CPO® Pool Operator Handbook


Helpful Tutorials

The following videos will fully explain:

  1. How To Access & Use The Video Module Series on PHTA's Website
  2. How To Join A Zoom Meeting


Accessing & Using The Video Module Series On PHTA's Website



How To Join A Zoom Meeting