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Swimming Pool Articles

One of the first things your guests should encounter when showing up to your pool or hot tub is something designed to prevent them from using the facility! It may seem ironic, but every one of our pools and hot tubs should be protected by a barrier that prevents unauthorized and/or unqualified persons from gaining access to your swimming area. These gates and barriers can be one of the most important life-saving tools you have installed at your property
  • 4 min read
We've all heard stories about the local pool turning someone's hair green, or someone's uncle turning the pool water blue at the family barbecue five years ago because he peed in thepool, but is there any truth to these stories? In this article we aredebunking the top 5 swimming pool myths. 
  • 4 min read
Everybody loves cooling off on a hot summer day by taking a dip in the pool. And this doesn't just apply to humans. Animals are drawn to the water in just the same way as us humans when it comes to cooling off. But the question of allowing pets in the pool raises an array of additional questions for pool operators. Is it safe for a dog to swim in your community's swimming pool? Are doggie swim days something we as operators should be advocating? Are swimming pools safe for dogs? In this article we are going to discuss the following information in regard to doggie swim days
  • 6 min read
The summer season is nearly upon us and the looming uncertainties that accompany many Coronavirus response protocols have affected the pool industry as well. Our health departments and governing bodies have yet to release any protocols for operating your pools, and this uncertainty may be causing you stress when trying to prepare for opening. The good news is we can study response protocols in other industries and apply many of them to our industry. In this article we'll be exploring some of the data driven practices we can use at our properties to best protect our guests and staff when we get the green light to open. 
  • 7 min read

We're finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to downtimes and closures of our properties due to the coronavirus pandemic. But with these gradual openings comes a few things to complications and things to keep in mind when reopening. In this article we'll explore the following steps to take when preparing to open your pool post-coronavirus shutdown:

  1. Certification Requirements
  2. New Local Health Guidelines
  3. Circulation/Operation
  4. Disinfection
  • 4 min read
We have recently had several calls asking what to do with swimming pools and hot tubs that must temporarily close due to the spread of COVID-19 in the US. This question is certainly a head scratcher for many properties out there who aren't sure if they should keep water in the pool, stop circulation, or just drain the whole thing. In this article we want to tackle the best practices for preparing your pool and hot tub for any down time caused from COVID-19 response requirements. In this article we will address this question.
  • 4 min read
News about Coronavirus and COVID-19 is everywhere. Many of the articles focus on the numbers of infected or fatalities. But few articles are being written about what can be done to curb the spread of this illness other than washing hands and keeping distance. Is there anything else we can do to curb the spread of COVID-19? As commercial pool and hot tub operators, what can we do to keep people safe?
  • 4 min read
The swimming pool or spa flow meter is one of the most overlooked but crucial elements inside the commercial pool operator's pump room. This little device will help you understand the overall health of your facility, and in most situations, it is required by your local health department. In this article we are going to explore the following aspects of the swimming pool flow meter:
  • 4 min read
It may seem like a tired mantra used by every inspection organization in the pool and hot tub industry, but documentation is truly one of the most important aspects of operating a pool and hot tub facility. We may be doing a great job at maintaining safe, healthy pools and hot tubs, but that doesn't mean anything if we haven't kept record of what we have been doing to maintain this safety. And oftentimes an operator only knows the crucial nature of paperwork when the health inspector comes asking for it. In this article we are going to explore the most important documents to keep and methods for keeping those documents.
  • 5 min read

Every year we see it, articles popping up, especially around the beginning of summer warning about all of these sicknesses that can be lurking in your pools and hot tubs. They warn people to use caution when swimming due to the fact that there are illnesses hiding in every dark corner of pools just waiting to make someone sick. The real question is, are these articles, in fact, true? Are there diseases lying dormant in your aquatic facility simply waiting to kill, steal, and destroy? In this week's article, we will:

  • explore the truth behind these articles
  • and discuss what you can do to make sure your pool doesn't end up the subject of the next headline. 
  • 5 min read

Foaming is very common in hot tubs, but a little more rare in pools. It can be subtle, just a few patches on the surface here and there, or it can be massive, a ton covering the entire surface of the hot tub or pool. Either way, it makes the hot tub or pool look fairly gross. And believe it or not, foam can actually be a health hazard to your swimmers. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes of foaming and ways to get rid of it so your pool or hot tub is clean, clear, and sparkling. 

  • 4 min read
Every pool operator experiences it: You show up to your pool one morning and your pool is 50 shades of green. Green water can be an alarming discovery, especially if you have never dealt with it before. In this week's article, we will discuss the causes of green water, how to treat green water, and finally how to prevent it in the future. 
  • 4 min read